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  •  There was a diary on this story this weekend (5+ / 0-)

    The handgun was a 9mm Taurus. The gun experts can tell us what kind of safety it should have and how likely it is to "misfire" or shoot without a finger on the trigger.

    I think the story I read said the father put the gun into the "center console" which would be a storage compartment? Makes it sound like he either dropped it in or somehow squeezed the trigger while placing it.

    This guy was violating way too many gun safety rules (never assume a gun is unloaded, never point a gun toward anyone unless you intend to fire, never carry a gun from one place to another with the safety off).  There was little in the article, but given the father tried to sell the guns to the shop, I wonder if he didn't know anything about these guns at all.  Not at all excusing him, and this is why gun safety needs to be mandatory for gun users, like vehicle safety.

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