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View Diary: Obama's Michigan visit promises to be packed with news (44 comments)

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    Dayen's Sunday Recap

    The ritual of trial balloon and response is enervating, to say the least. It’s also a part of 21st-century politics, as Digby points out. It’s not like this is the first time anything has been pitched in the media by someone in this White House.

    I will say that the idea that the Medicare eligibility age is part of the conversation, along with means testing, along with changing the cost of living adjustment in Social Security, is because the President offered these in 2011 as part of the debt limit negotiations. That’s why Republicans inserted them into their current counter-offer.

    I remember some defenders of the President saying that wasn’t a serious offer, that Obama knew Republicans would never go for the tax increases, that he was merely looking reasonable. I said at the time in the American Prospect:

        But even if McConnell’s plan passes, the legacy of what Obama put on the table for cuts in these talks will haunt Democrats for many years, and we’ll see those proposals again — with lines like “Even Barack Obama supported” attached to them. It was a damaging strategy.

    Yeah Obama in Michigan big news maybe walking the picket line...

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