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View Diary: Obama, Boehner meet on fiscal mess (222 comments)

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  •  You were voting between a Conservative party (7+ / 0-)

    and a Reactionary party.

    "Progressives" support it because most of them are either chicken shit, not really progressive (just conservatives who see conservative  in the US defined by reactionary right of the GOP), or any number of other reasons that really doesn't help any of us.

    You are preaching to the choir, and, in fact, I would go further:

    The above mostly misses the point that the Democratic Party has mostly been a right wing party.

    The entire point of this to be perfectly clear is to underscore that no one should be under any delusion that the Democrats are a right wing party.

    Its one of the reason that I do not believe they will be able to capitalize on the demographic shifts. The newer demographics are a shift to the left (or an ideological shift); not just a partisan shift. THat's why you got people like Rahm Emmanuel and Cuomo acting as they are acting. They know the hand writing on the wall is against them demographically so they want to rig the situation to maintain the status quo that allows them to cut entitlements etc.

    The battle over the next few decades will be in both partys. Not just the GOP if there is going to even be a battle. Which I am not so certain there will be.

    •  Particularly because the demographics who (5+ / 0-)
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      bruh1, Bailey2001, akmk, divineorder, Mr Robert

      elected Obama are from constituencies which have not yet accumulated wealth.  They don't have the surplus to cover extra years without Medicare or Social Security and still fund their retirement years.

      We hold the $500K crowd harmless and raise the Medicare eligibility age?  

      How many of those folks waiting in the long lines make $500K?  How many can afford health insurance at 65?  

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