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View Diary: Michigan Democrats to Snyder: Anti-union law would mean 'endless controversy' (113 comments)

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  •  Repealling this atrocity (0+ / 0-)

    Couldn't the Dems try to retread their constitutional amendment, the initiative that just failed?  Obviously it's a steep hill to climb, but it isn't undoable.  Wouldn't a constitutional amendment trump a state law?  Since as an appropriations bill it cannot be repealled, this would seem a legitimate plan B.  ANyone with insite, please let me hear your thoughts.

    •   No repeal (4+ / 0-)
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         If the law goes through as is, there is no repeal. We can put another Prop 2 type initiative on the ballot in 2014 to amend the constitution, basically prohibiting right-to-work laws. Unfortunately, the law as passed will go into effect in the meantime until the constitution is changed 2 years from now. If the law was stripped of the appropriation and we successfully put it on the ballot, the law is suspended until the election.  

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