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  •  I think Hannah is saying that obedience is so (6+ / 0-)

    necessary to being a docile, predictable, controllable -- "good" -- citizen that authoritarian societies take pains to tacitly and explicitly teach obedience as a primary virtue. To the degree a society accepts obedience as a virtue, any lack of obedience can be reasonably viewed as deviant or even criminal, perhaps dangerous, and likely deserving of official response, even punishment. In such circumstances, public acceptance of mistreatment of the "deviant" is typically proportional to the social power/rank of the disobeyed party.

    Consequently, if you give uniforms, weapons, groupthink, insufficient training, immunity to civil lawsuit, and little accountability (perhaps even a nod and wink) to people who believe that way, you can reasonably expect high-speed chases in violation of orders, 136 bullets, a cop stopping to reload before resuming fire, and a river of soupy-thin bullshit lies.

    I also think Hannah was saying this mindset is based on a misconception -- even an outright lie -- valuable and convenient to the powerful; and that the first step in correcting this mindset is to raise our children to question authority.

    Hannah, did I get any of this right? Or were you instructing doc2 to ignore the next order s/he receives from a law officer?


    by raincrow on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 07:32:17 PM PST

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