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View Diary: NPR: Nonstop Propagandizing for Republicans (20 comments)

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  •  Diane Rehm is an atrocity. (1+ / 0-)
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    Almost daily, her first hour is a right wing talking points program.  She never corrects right wingers and frequently will have AEI, The Heritage Foundation and the Cato foundation on at the same time telling us all about the wonderful things they do (to destroy democracy and our planet), never once mentioning they are all Koch boys toys.  Last week she had grover norquist (koch funded) on and consistently let him go on and on w/proven lies and distortions while cutting off Dem. Chris van Hollen repeatedly as well as any callers who dared to question or challenge the koch bros. gnome.  Diane Rehm is clearly a right wing plant and I can't stand these no nothing liberals constantly complementing her on how wonderful she is.  She is a complete bonafide right winger.  Don't......fall...... for..... her..... !!!

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