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View Diary: Hostess took workers' pension money to fund itself (158 comments)

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  •  Here is the pension stealing letter (1+ / 0-)
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    My favorite part: "Let me be clear that this temporary suspension of payments to the pension funds will not affect your pension benefits"

    He may be a new CEO who 'wasn't around' as he always says, but he has the same hedge fund bosses. His claim that he only recently found out could be proven false in court I am sure. It was also clear his representatives were under orders to never acknowledge the theft to us in the conference room meetings when they begged us to take the offer. The bluff was called frequently but you could never get the company reps to out right admit that was what was happening to the pension.

    I was even lied to in private by a VP who hoped I would spread a rumor for him if I believed it. He told me they were keeping track and would pay back every cent when they were profitable. He even said 'you didn't hear it here'. I couldn't believe he thought I was that stupid. The official offer rarely matched the words coming out of their mouths. They told us that the 27% cut was actually a 4% cut and we were just misreading it.

    I hope my pension money spends well, Greg.

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