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View Diary: 2 Blue Dogs caucus with Republicans handing Washington Senate to the GOP (143 comments)

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  •  NY isn't about ideology (5+ / 0-)
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    sethtriggs, Andrew C White, Nulwee, FG, Eddie L

    With the exception of Simcha Felder, a conservative Democrat who is the best we will ever get in that part of Brooklyn, none of the five "Independent Democrats" is all that conservative. It is about power, particularly for my own State Senator Jeff Klein. NY Senate Republicans aren't fiscal conservatives at all and half of them were elected with union support (I'm not making this up.)

    •  Correction (2+ / 0-)
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      sethtriggs, Andrew C White

      Simcha Felder isn't one of the five "Independent Democrats". He had announced during the campaign that he would caucus with the Republicans, and that probably what got him elected in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Romney. He actually defeated a batshit crazy incumbent Republican, David Storobin.

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