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  •  What we have here is a failure to communicate... (11+ / 0-)

    Workers who opt not to pay the union dues have heard the management message that "all unions do is take the dues out of your paycheck." I have no doubt that some long established unions and their shops have lost sight of the hard work that went into organizing the union, getting the higher wages and good contracts that can support a both a better life for the workers and the union. This should not be allowed to happen today, the technology for communication and dissemination of information is so much better than in the past. Working as a union organizer while doing my job at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has been a challenge I won't forget. The union busting tactics of the executives, filing NLRB affidavits, getting worked harder than ever, have only made me stronger and more determined. And should we succeed and get the hospital to stand down and allow a free and fair vote to organize, the hard work will not be done, for the initial contract will have to be negotiated. I'm looking forward to making history here in Western PA - which was truly the birthplace of the union movement in this country. History that is no longer taught in the schools.

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