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  •  I think that our most common woodpeckers here are (5+ / 0-)

    probably the Downy's though the Redbellies aren't far behind them. Flickers seem to come and go, at times we have a lot of them around and other times we hardly ever see one. Hairy's aren't abundant but not at all uncommon.  Redheads on the other hand are our rarest. We used to see them regularly but their numbers have declined dramatically over the last ten years or so. We still see them but not nearly as often. I've noticed though that they seem to be more abundant along the rivers not too far from here. I think that is probably  due to there being more and bigger dead trees in the river bottoms, but some other factor may be involved too. I wish we had more of them around the house. They are one of my favorite birds.

    You're right, hard to miss a Pileated if one is in the neighborhood! Even if you don't see it , you'll probably hear it.

    Just give me some truth. John Lennon--- OWS------Too Big To Fail

    by burnt out on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 01:25:05 PM PST

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