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  •  Funny you mention Reagan. (4+ / 0-)

    Mediocre president, except for the role of Commander in Chief. His one big show was Lebanon and he did everything wrong.

    That's likely why Republicans set out slamming Obama for our participation in the Arab Spring revolutions. Any comparison of Obama with Reagan puts Reagan well in the shade.

    Eisenhower, 1958. Lebanon. In quick, toss bribes, get a face-saving agreement, out again in 90 days.

    Reagan, 1983/1984. Lebanon. In quick, fire naval guns into the hills, the embassy on Rue de Paris gets blown April 18th '83, Marine barracks gets blown October 23rd '83, more naval guns, retreat in February '84, policy collapse leading to Hezbollah formation in '85.

    Obama, 2011/2012. Libya supporting Tunisian stability. Nobody "in" but Special Forces, bribes all around, save Benghazi from Ghaddafi's armor, win the revolution, lose 11 total from NATO countries. Win 100% of policy objectives.

    Reagan also blamed a quadriplegic mid-level officer from the barracks attack -- not the C.O. -- for the security lapses.

    No defensive perimeter, no traffic blocks, no recoilless rifles. Nothing to match what Dept. of State did at the Middle East embassies after the April attack. And no quality control from Reagan's civilians at Dept. of Defense.

    The White House was run to avoid PR hits. But I forget... St. Ronnie is the key to "Party of Reagan" hero worship.

    •  One note: the naval guns started out (2+ / 0-)
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      SilentBrook, mumtaznepal

      with fire from 5"/127mm guns on destroyers.

      When that didn't teach 'em a lesson, Reagan went up to 16" 2700-pound shells from the battleship New Jersey (BB-62.)

      Total casualties went above 5,000.

      That's not up there with killing 2,600,000 during Vietnam or the 1,600,000 total Extra Deaths in Iraq. it's still basically mass murder.

      The naval guns were fired to silence 82mm mortars. Crazy idea, if you put value to civilian casualties. The 82mm is a two-man carry, plus an artillery unit will dig slit trenches prior to firing. Relocating an 82mm takes less than 5 minutes.

      They killed 5,000 civilians for no good reason.

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