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  •  One note: the naval guns started out (2+ / 0-)
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    SilentBrook, mumtaznepal

    with fire from 5"/127mm guns on destroyers.

    When that didn't teach 'em a lesson, Reagan went up to 16" 2700-pound shells from the battleship New Jersey (BB-62.)

    Total casualties went above 5,000.

    That's not up there with killing 2,600,000 during Vietnam or the 1,600,000 total Extra Deaths in Iraq. it's still basically mass murder.

    The naval guns were fired to silence 82mm mortars. Crazy idea, if you put value to civilian casualties. The 82mm is a two-man carry, plus an artillery unit will dig slit trenches prior to firing. Relocating an 82mm takes less than 5 minutes.

    They killed 5,000 civilians for no good reason.

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