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View Diary: Every Republican is a scab for the Oligarchy (74 comments)

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  •  I pointed this out... (0+ / 0-)

    to my Ron Paul friend when he called on Californians to vote No on 30 and Yes on 32 on key propositions here, as that was how the Koch brothers wanted him to vote.  (Fortunately, 30 passed and 32 failed.)  He was not happy with me.

    Unlike you, I went on California's state website and thoroughly read through every bill before making up my mind. I didn't base my decision off who is giving what money to what. Rather, I was focusing on this thing called morals and principles. Give it a try instead of time and time failing to align me with the people who YOU actually agree with more in philosophy than I ever could... remember that. Good to know you just want more spending without ever even looking into historical accounts and the results of what you support. And when you vote for Obama tomorrow, just remember that means you are the one condoning mass murder, not me.
    Yep, supporting Obama makes us condone mass murder.  Hard to have any conversation when the first salvo accuses the other of that.  BTW, this guy is rising in the ranks of the "liberty movement", so keep an eye out for him in the coming years.
    •  in my misguided libertarian youth (1+ / 0-)
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      I voted for Bush in 2000.

      Why? Cause I didn't like Clinton's 'nation building' war and I'd heard Bush II say he was against that.

      "fool me once, shame on — [pauses] — shame on you. Fool me — [pauses] — You can't get fooled again."

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