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View Diary: Eric Holder hints at national voting standards. We need a Lloyd Blankfein Standing-in-Line Law (98 comments)

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  •  Ha. King County WA has a million or more voters, (1+ / 0-)
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    the ballots are mailed in,

     checked to see if the siggie on the envelope matches that of the registered voter (and they are known to check dubious ones by writing the voter and getting more up to date specimens and then counting the vote),

     checking to see if the votes have been recorded in machine readable fashion (the number of people who don't follow the instructions varies and there is always some idiot who does it in a medium the machine cannot read) and which is filled out in machine readable form if that is what happened and anyone there can figure out how a voter intended to be understood  yes, there are rules and specimens for that) and then

    put through the machine reader. Ballots the machine kicks out are checked by hand.

    Two weeks' mailing time before election day gets half or so of all the ballots that are coming in, and they are processed as received, and a little computer note appears on the County election website to tell a voter whether they got his ballot and where it is in the process.

    Each ballot is issued to a named voter and has a UPC so it can be individually tracked. And any ballot which has an insoluble problem like discrepant signature or some other results in a letter TO THE VOTER and a resolution  of the problem if there is a response, so that the voter's intention can be inputted into the machine and his or her votes counted. The state has accumulated voter signatures given to it for many purposes, and the siggie on the envelope is compared to all of these if necessary, including the most recent.

    •  Signature verification (0+ / 0-)

      worries me unless it is done by a certified handwriting expert. I know my signature varies widely...

      We've all heard of situations in which a clerk has made numerous attempts to prevent a voter from placing a non-provisional ballot. I have no doubts some are looking for ways to disqualify voters in certain precincts from having their votes counted...

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      by Words In Action on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 05:48:03 AM PST

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      •  I have been an official observer of the process (0+ / 0-)

        in WA for siggies. If the sig doesn't pass the first time, as compared to other sigs of the same person at registration or in other state records, there is a second, more expert layer of comparison, and then the person is contacted to come in and provide  a more up to date sig, and their vote is counted. The ground rule at work is that a vote is to be counted unless some specfic and unfixable defect is present, and the process for fixing is surprisingly complete.

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