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View Diary: Joe Lieberman, unloved by everyone in the end (143 comments)

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    I remember when he was the VP nominee there was some discussion about him being a Jew that strictly observed the Shabbat.  (can't work or do anything related to work (like driving, using a light switch, etc) on the sabbath)

    That caused speculation about what other orthodox jewish beliefs he might have, as social positions of the orthodox jewish religion are not exactly liberal.

    His wife is a Modern Orthodox Jew, although he's not come out in public as sharing all of their points of view in the political realm.

    Near as I can tell they try to live as a fairly mainstream Orthodox Jew within the limitations of a modern world and secular states. This is a flavor with a strong zionist component, which is consistent with Lieberman's Israel policies, and neocon attitudes about the middle east.

    I would guess that this philosophy would be more comfortable with the cultural conservatism of the Rs in recent years, than in an increasingly socially liberal Democratic party.

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