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View Diary: Professor Michael Mann is suing the National Review (133 comments)

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  •  American Geophysical Union has a defense fund (9+ / 0-)

    I don't know if this is where Michael Mann is getting his funds to defend himself from the creeps at National Review, but the American Geophysical Union (a highly credible outfit) has a legal defense fund here:

    I loath the fact that wingnuts like VA Atty General  (and almost certain GOP nominee for state Gov) Kenneth Cuccinelli used hundreds of thousands of dollars of state taxpayer money for a fishing expedition designed to destroy Michael Mann and intimidate climate researchers.

    It was bad enough that U VA (Mann's former Uni) had to waste time and money defending Mann, and the right of scientist to work unmolested by phoney legal claims and fishing expeditions into professional informal communications. (Cuchinelli was desperate for Mann's emails, one of the best possible sources to lift out-of-context quotes that can be distorted.)

    Michael Mann also has to waste time better spent on science, and money too, defending his professional reputation from the likes of National Review.

    I might drop a few bucks on the defense fund, and I'm definitely going to drop a few bucks on whoever is opposed to Kookinelli in VA (almost certainly Terry McAuliffe) in the 2013 Gov's race.

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