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View Diary: Senate Judiciary chair Pat Leahy floats federal marijuana legalization (181 comments)

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    is "strongly restricted"?   Yeah, right.  At least one other promising sign is how people are waking up to the real dangerous drugs. Prescription drugs that kill lots of people.  No one is dying from marijuana.  No one.  Except all the casualties of the drug war.

    "Rockcastle County is averaging one drug-related death per week," said Nancy Hale, an anti-drug activist and educator. "When your county is a little over 16,000 people and you're losing a person a week ... you're losing a whole generation."

    "It's a terrible thing," said Sean Watkins, 17, a junior at Rockcastle County High. "Especially in our community, it's really bad."

    When he was 10, Watkins and his family were expecting his mother for dinner, but she never showed up. He and a family friend went looking for her at her home.
    They walked into her bedroom and saw her face down, motionless. The friend quickly whisked Watkins out of the room.

    "I don't know what was going on, but I knew something was wrong," said Watkins.

    His mother was dead after overdosing on Oxycontin.

    "I'll hold my nose and vote but I won't hold my nose and canvass or call or donate." Some Dkos Comment

    by onemadson on Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 05:45:28 AM PST

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