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View Diary: Senate Judiciary chair Pat Leahy floats federal marijuana legalization (181 comments)

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    as soon as the big companies figure out how they can make money, they'll be the ones pushing for legalization.

    Just like the alternate energy technologies. The big reason they haven't been more widely adopted, especially for transportation, is because the big energy companies haven't figured out how they can make money.

    As soon as they get that part worked out (and you know they're working on it, they're not totally ignorant) you'll see a lot more options in vehicles.

    My thought is they're trying to figure out how to manufacture reasonably priced, easy to refill or swap, fuel cells. Once they have that done in a way that gets hooked up like a the tank on a gas grill, it would be dead easy to sell it to the general public. Refueling would take minutes, be no more expensive than gasoline, and readily available.

    Yes, it's easy to plug in an electric, but charging takes hours. Not helpful if you're driving a long distance and need to go more than 50 mi in a day.

    But if you could just swap a tank... anybody can do that, and it doesn't take 8 hrs.

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