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  •  if by Constitutional Muster you mean Heller--- (2+ / 0-)
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    SilentBrook, Avila

    you realize that is effectively nothing more than Scalia's personal triumph--and one of the key cases of the court's extreme rightward shift.   Prior to Heller, you would have a more difficult time with the constitutional muster argument.  But post-Heller, you end up looking to the court who gave you cases such as Citizens United--and to a band of 3 justices (excluding Roberts and Kennedy here) who, even in their dissents, would have given us far worse if they could.

    As for point 1: well, Congress is anti-regulation anyway.  Just because something wouldn't pass the House doesn't mean it's not worth looking at.  I mean--look who's in the House!  

    The Senate reflects--even in its Democratic majority--the triumph of '90's conservative ideologies/marketing/talk radio/etc.--Obama was pretty pro-gun control early on but had to back away to win a Senate seat.

    as for point 3: These have, and remain debatable--and I would suggest that it depends on the law, the enforcement mechanism, and the location.  But the same can be said for all regulatory legislation--what about global warming?  It's a standard GOP argument that even if warming is real, anything we do is pointless (because other large countries, such as China, are just as guilty.)  That may or may not be true--but there is no way that the culture is going to change unless we move from a culture of violence to a culture of non-violence.  That may be impossible.  But I think that we can start by not being so obsessed with taking our 'rights' to such an extreme that we can have whatever arsenal we so choose in our living room.

    •  Arsenals in living rooms (7+ / 0-)

      aren't "disgruntled" parents/students shooting up grade schools (or malls, or high schools, or college campuses, etc.).

      What a horror! I wonder if we'll hear about this guy's ugly divorce and custody battle, maybe a restraining order somebody 'forgot' to inform the school about. But then... but then... why would even a 'pushed by circumstance' flipped out nut job with far too many guns and a serious pre-existing hate problem target children (other than his own)?

      This has got to stop. Somehow... it's got to be stopped.

      Meanwhile, yet another knife attack on a school in China wounded 22 children yesterday, some seriously. Looks like they should have acted on proposed regulation after the last spate of school stabbings to register long knives and cleavers.

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