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View Diary: Eerie: knife attack in Chinese school, also today, 22 *wounded* --- your move, MSM (163 comments)

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  •  I agree with this. I also think that people (1+ / 0-)
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    should have training - formal training of some kind.  We don't just hand keys to kids at 15 and let them drive down the road; there's the whole learner's permit process.  I think we should treat guns as dangerous tools that must be handled responsibly.  Having something like that required might also get disturbed people noticed and pulled out of the gun-owning pool.  Or maybe having a law that says, "You want a gun? You have to join the National Guard." Maybe that would take care of the "well regulated militia" angle...

    Like I said in another diary, we need multiple approaches to address all violence.  I don't want to just stop gun violence, I want to decrease the overall American culture of violence and violence throughout the world.  I know it's not possible to end it altogether.  I just think something holistic needs to happen for the long term survival of the species.

    BTW, I am a gun owner currently.  I even got my advice on which shotgun is the best home defense weapon from a RKBA thread...I just want people to know that not all gun owners are 100% against all control.  I'm also female.

    I agree that something, probably multiple somethings, must be done to stop the spree killings.

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