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View Diary: Time for the "LEADER" of this country to start the conversation about gun control (105 comments)

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    After 9-11 there was a conversation about what to do about all these pychotic Muslim terrorists running around the country, with too much freedom for our own good.  There was a whole lot of cowardly betwetting that we all had too much freedom for our own good.

    So do you feel safer now?  After the loss of our 4th Amendment rights, after the torture of American citizens, after the illegal capture and redntion and torture of innocent muslims, do you feel it was worth it?

    So we lost the 4th Amendment, and now here you are, wetting the bed in fear of gun violence, and all ready to enact Patriot Act 2.  Because if we just give away a few more of our rights, we'll be absolutely safe.

    If you want to have a conversation about a pychopath murdering children, fine.  But if you want to have a conversation about how taking away my rights somehow keeps you safer and magically stops this from happening, then no thanks.

    I don't own a gun, I don't care about my gun.  I care about my rights.  Taking those away won't stop gun violence any more than the Patriot Act stopped terrorism.

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