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  •  I have taken the pain out of car shopping. (1+ / 0-)
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    I have owned an Austin Healy Sprite, a couple of Buicks, a 1967 Mustang Mach 1, 2 Ford Rangers, 2 pontiacs, 4  3/4 ton Ford F250s, a Corvette, a 300C Mercedez, a Monte Caro, 2 Chevy 150 trucks, a Honda Accord, a Toyota,  and maybe some more i can't remember.
    I currently drive a Ford 250 diesel King Ranch edition, and haul a horse trailer with a 2000 Ford 250 diesel, designed by Texas Customs.
    So, I wanted something fast, gasoline powered, small, fuel efficient, and that handled like a well-engineered car, like the Mercedez.  
    I just looked at used cars online in the Houston area, figuring I would know "it" when I saw "it".  A 2008 350Z roadster, black with black rag top, black interior, 49,000 miles.  I went to the dealer, rejected their bottom line, walked out the door.  They ran after me, ask me to make them an offer.  I did.  I drove it home an hour later, top down, enjoying life at 60 yrs old.  In order to pass 2 trucks weaving all over the road with trailers yesterday, I got around them at 110 mph in the bat of an eye.
    30 mpg.  Most beautiful, best driving car of my life.

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