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    Can anybody seriously care about the "debt we're leaving our grandchildren" and not care about the hellhole of a planet we're going to leave them?  Other people should take responsibility for reducing their carbon footprint, but when it comes to mine--oh, well, uh, I just want to enjoy my wheels.

    If not each of us, then who?  Good for you, Pajoly, for buying a Prius even though you're a big guy.  I keep the back seat of my 2009 Prius down all the time, and there's plenty of room for luggage, a 40 lb bag of dog food, and three dogs to fit comfortably.  The car gets 47 mpg.  

    I would prefer to support American-made products, and if GM or Ford has a comparable product (reliable and problem-free, at least so far) when I'm next in the market for a car, I'll be glad to try it.  I've heard good things about the Ford Fusion.

    I'd echo a couple of people here who suggested a used car.  I bought my Prius new, but the best value is a two-year old, low-mileage car.  I've done that before with good luck, and suspect that's the route I'll take next time.

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