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View Diary: Car shopping for a crossed-out generation (403 comments)

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  •  I love my Toyota Camry Hybrid (0+ / 0-)

    best car I've ever owned.  30 mpg around town and I've unfortunately got a lead foot, plus as a Realtor I do lots and lots of stop and go previewing properties.  On the open road, I get 44 mpg.  Since I only drive about 9000 miles per year, I only fill up about once a month.  Amazing vehicle, and very luxurious interior with a nice nav system too.  And Ed Schultz  and Thom Hartmann on Sirius radio.

    The GOP -- Hating Women, Gays and People of Color since 1854

    by Former Chicagoan Now Angeleno on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 08:17:22 PM PST

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