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View Diary: I Have Twin Boys In Kindergarten Right Now (80 comments)

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  •  perhaps the conversation starts (18+ / 0-)

    with precisely where your diary starts: the attempt to imagine what it would feel like to suffer such loss.

    Because let's face it: we are a nation that overwhelmingly refuses to imagine the losses we inflict on other children, other parents, other siblings, other human beings. We are willing to put up with -- no, even promote, even actively glorify -- violence upon "other" children that would make us retch and lose the will to live if it happened to our own children.

    Ask an Iraqi. Ask a Pakistani. Ask a Palestinian. Hell, ask a kid in Philadelphia. Or at least imagine asking them. And consider asking them not in the middle of an argument with an NRA supporter, but imagine asking them about their pain the next time a Democrat justifies drone strikes and air wars as "regrettable but necessary for a larger good."

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