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View Diary: I Have Twin Boys In Kindergarten Right Now (80 comments)

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  •  My boy's in first grade (9+ / 0-)

    and my daughter's in middle school. I used to be bothered by leaving them at school but had to learn to trust that everything would work out OK.

    In infinitesimally rare cases, that sometimes is not the case. The worst fears are sometimes realized.

    I had kids later in life, so I'm very cynical about there being any constructive response to this tragedy. Nothing happened after Columbine. Nothing happens after tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy. Yes this case is unique for the unimaginable vulnerability of the youngest of the young. But even that won't prevent the machine from functioning the way it's been built. Already the engines are revving up. Focus on the assailant, wide eyed questioning of how a person could be so evil, no accounting for how the weaponry came into the shooter's possession, and silence from local and federal politicians about doing anything meaningful that might impinge on people's violent fantasy lives.

    Today I feel past anger, except for my anger at Markos for having created a haven here for Second Amendment Fetishists who in due time will make their presence felt in order to muddy debate and generally drive people away from even engaging in debate. This site has become part of the problem, and considering Markos' recent posting of his two young kids, he needs to reflect on what that's all about.

    •  If you put anything in your tags about guns, (2+ / 0-)
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      mrblifil, Beetwasher

      the RKBA folks come out of the woodwork. If you want a civilized discussion, avoid those tags. The 2nd Amendment had a purpose. I doubt that it had anything to do with shooting up an elementary school.

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