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View Diary: Teachers union responds to Connecticut school shootings (34 comments)

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  •  Time for all public school teachers to strike (6+ / 0-)

    A high school (Columbine), a University (VA Tech, among others), now Newton Elementary. Screw it. Time for labor to flex its power that it often forgets it has. Time for public school teachers to strike until a bill is proffered and passed by both houses and signed by the president.

    The original TARP Act was put together and passed in a weekend. This does not have to take months. Someone needs to drive sense into We the People and that only happens when we all feel the pain. I have 4 kids in public school. If schools are shut due to strikes, it hurts and it will push people off center.

    I am tired of reading how some brave teacher dies tried to save his or her students. This is bullshit. The founders KNEW the Constitution was not some infallible word of a diving deity and thus established a method for changing it.

    Do it. Now. And yes, do it for the children.

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