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View Diary: NY Times Editorial: "Death in Connecticut" (95 comments)

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  •  Ask every public servant at every availability (8+ / 0-)

    "What are you doing to stem the ever-rising tide of violence in our country and society?"

    Don't settle for a non-answer response. Get specifics. Considering the role of government, are our public officials willing to spend more money on public health, particularly mental health services? If they're too chicken to limit the free flow of firearms through our society, what measures will they fund to limit the use of violence? What steps will they take, endorse, vote for, and fund that will encourage non-violent conflict resolution?

    Will they quit glorifying death and its practitioners? Will they quit using the military as the solution of first resort for our country's foreign policy failures? Will they develop and fund a curriculum in our schools - each and every one of them - that teach conflict resolution that doesn't involve clenched fists and weapons?

    We need to know, and we need to know NOW. Or do we still love violence and firearms more than we love our children? Let's at least get honest about that, and cut out this "sorry for your loss" mealy-mouthed platituditry.

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