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  •  So you don't see any merit (3+ / 0-)
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    in all these people contending that RBKA members frequently engage in bullying behavior, rude behavior, and/or HR abuse?  All these contentions are baseless?

    I read what you're saying here and I believe that those things probably have happened, but I think some of you guys have lost people's good will, and, yeah, they are not willing to stand up when there are legitimate wrongs happening.

    But I hope RKBA people can accept that some good will that might have been there has been lost.  I hope that you can admit that there has been some bad behavior on the part of some RBKAers.  

    There is now an us v them mentality which isn't helping anybody.

    Frankly, I think showing up in emotional diaries written on days when gun tragedies occur, every time without fail, to make comments about how current gun control is enough, or whatever, even if you're making reasonable comments, puts peoples hackles up.

    People are venting and don't want to hear even reasonable comments.

    I hope that you can see that there are things that can be done by everyone in this community to make Dkos' relationship with RKBA more productive.

    That very much includes people in the RKBA group.  

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    by coquiero on Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 07:05:11 PM PST

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