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  •  This is really not a hard issue (4+ / 0-)

    Guns make it easier to kill people.  That's why they were invented, to make it easier to kill things.  

    Having a gun is a huge responsibility.  You want to have a dangerous weapon.  You have to take on that responsibility or don't have one.

    Society must look out for itself and its citizens.  Having more guns in school only leads to an escalation of violence.  Teachers and staffs shouldn't have to be soldiers.  Having guns in school does not deter crazy people from coming.

    Even with a background check once the gun is in the house anyone with access can get to it and take it and do whatever with it.

    Gun make it easier to commit suicide.  People who commit suicide are already in a fragile state of mind, usually exacerbated by substance abuse, and having that gun right their makes it easier.

    I'm not for a gun ban just for practical purposes, but an assault weapons ban, more background checks, returning to responsible gun culture, and realizing that not everyone should have one of these very lethal weapons is a way forward.  Every culture that's done in, their violence is reduced.

    Romney/Caligula 2012!

    by sujigu on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 05:42:46 AM PST

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