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View Diary: Just Stop. Your unwarranted fears and outmoded beliefs don't trump our rights. (95 comments)

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  •  NRA types saying "If only the teachers had guns.." (4+ / 0-)

    Actually, a teacher did have some guns.  She was the shooter's mother.  He used one of her guns to shoot her in the face and then kill 20 children and some more adults with her guns.

    So much for that theory.  How can anyone not see what a bad idea it is to have teachers carrying live guns to school around curious children?  Talk about accidents waiting to happen.  Oh, and let's all hope none of those gun-toting teachers has a bad day, or else!

    I am so sick of this Wild West notion that my freedom has to be impinged and that we all need to be armed just in case one of you gun nuts out there (or your relatives) decides to rampage.

    We also keep hearing that if only more people had been armed...actually, every year, more Americans are armed, and guess what?  Each year gun deaths keep happening at an increased rate.  Go figure.  So quit throwing that straw man out there.

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