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View Diary: Just Stop. Your unwarranted fears and outmoded beliefs don't trump our rights. (95 comments)

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    Joe Bob, Black Max

    I found at freeperland.  I want NOTHING to do with anyone who thinks like this.

    "My guess is that the next phase is going to come and shockingly fast. Today already we have Obama weeping and choking up, and all flags at half-mast.

    Next week will be 20 tiny tot coffins with precious teddy bears on top, and photos and home videos galore. It will be the most heart-wrenching show ever produced by the White House-Hollywood-MSM alliance.

    A bill will be proposed. If it’s not this one, it may be worse. But this at least. A total ban on magazines capable of holding more than ten cartridges. (Or, ten may be one over the limit, with ten-rounders banned.)

    No buyback, no compensation, no grandfather, no sunset. Instant felon if you’re found with an eleven-round “massacre magazine.” This is how Hollywood/MSM will produce this episode over the next two weeks.

    Christmas Eve, with all of the tiny tot funerals. The tears will pour like Niagara.

    Only a few weak-kneed RINOs in the House need to roll over, and they will. This bill will pass like lightning, we may be shocked how fast."

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