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View Diary: A national conversation about gun control (198 comments)

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  •  Consider this. (4+ / 0-)

    Suppose instead of the shootings yesterday, something else happened.  

    The government, in a surprise vote,  made an annoucement that the sale of of all assault weapons and extended clips would be banned.

    What would the reaction from the right be?

    We all known:   The level outrage and action on their part would dwarf what is going on now.  There would  be shouting and threats.  Phones would be ringing of the hook.  They would not be asking for a conversation and we would not be expecting them to so.They would be demanding a retraction of the law and they would get it. And no one would even have been killed!  

    Let's demand a conversation and perhaps also ask ourselves:  Where along the line have we learned to doubt our own sense of outrage?  

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