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  •  Very sorry for your loss, Greg (1+ / 0-)
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    The Marti

    And I mean your entire town.  I cannot imagine how devastating it must be to your community.

    Yes, it is time for a conversation.  But no one seems willing to do so.  I pushed in a few diaries yesterday for people to list specifics on what type of laws or gun control could have prevented yesterday's tragedy.  You would have thought I was cheering on the killer from the responses I got!

    I abhor guns.. never owned one.. probably never will.

    People are just not willing to have a sensible discussion  They want to "demand" a solution from Congress.  Period.

    The problem, as you stated, is not that easy.

    The only real solution is to have no hand guns.  For all the talk of assault rifles, they are used in an infinitesimally small number of shootings.  Semi-auto handguns are the problem.

    But the horse is already out of the barn..  Pandora's box has long been opened and you cannot put back the evils.

    A complete ban on ownership of handguns is impossible, IMHO.  It would never pass a Constitutional test in the Supreme Court.  The Supremes have already voted against such bans in DC and here in Illinois/Chicago.

    Let's have that discussion.  But it will have to be a real in-depth look at the problem and at the solutions available to us Constitutionally.  So far, all I hear is demands for Congress and President Obama to simply fix the problem (magically, I guess).

    •  Yeah I got few response like that from my posts (0+ / 0-)

      from my post.  However, I believe a big part of the problem is that the gun lobby has confused so many people on this issue.  My opinion is, this is an American problem so pick any other democratic developed country they've solved.  It doesn't require a lot of thought.  All you have to do is incorporating existing ideas that work.  However, in this country everything argues like they need to reinvent the wheel.

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