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  •  Your point cannot be over-stated or stressed... (6+ / 0-)

    ...enough. We are the arms merchant for the entire world.

    Americans alone bought over 10 million guns last year. Legally. Countless others are sold privately or on the black market and "gun shows."

    This is in addition to the millions bought EVERY year PRIOR!

    We are awash in firearms. Americans bought more small arms (that includes assault rifles) last year than are carried by the 14 largest armies on Earth including the U.S. Army.  

    One question: If it's NOT about money then, WTF!!???

    There are an estimated 270,000,000 small arms in private hands.  The total number owned by the U.S. Government is under 3 million. U.S. Police/law enforcement total is below 1 million.

    Again WTF? What in the hell are we so afraid of??

    "Wealthy the Spirit which knows its own flight. Stealthy the Hunter who slays his own fright. Blessed is the Traveler who journeys the length of the Light."

    by CanisMaximus on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 09:25:38 PM PST

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