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View Diary: Common Sense Rebuttals to the Same Tired Arguments against Gun Control (10 comments)

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    On the issue of arguments... it seems that every time we have one of these tragedies occur, our response is to add more regulations that hamper our freedoms in order to "protect gun rights".  We can't go into our new courthouse in town without a total screening and purse/pocket check, and of course there is the awful TSA crap at airports.  However, people can bring guns into bars in TN and into national parks and now on some college campuses.   Does this make ANY sense?

    And for those who want to be a little more educated on the true meaning of the Second Amendment, read this:

    Mr. Baron's work was entered into evidence before the Supreme Court when they were ruling on the gun issue. It seems only Stephen Breyer took it seriously.

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