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View Diary: Let's put 'solar panels on every home' say Robert Kennedy Jr. and David Crane (190 comments)

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  •  Snow slides off pretty well on its own (0+ / 0-)

    Especially since they're tilted more strongly for winter. We'll occasionally get one of those storms where ice and snow are whipped straight at the panels, sticking like glue, but it's easy enough to clear off when that happens. Mostly, the occlusion happens during the storm, when the snow is accumulating.

    We mounted ours fairly low to the ground, so we have to shovel out in front of them if we get a foot or more of snow, just so there will be room for more snow to slide off. When this happens, we shovel the snow into a kind of bowl formation a few feet out from the panels, so additional sunlight will be reflected onto them when the sun returns. It works really well!

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