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  •  We're hearing heartwrenching stories about (20+ / 0-)

    these teachers, and I fully understand what you mean in your diary. Everyone who steps foot in a classroom has created a survival plan in their head --- how would we protect our students in the worst scenario. I just hope that the next time someone calls a teacher "union thug" they are not-so-politely reminded of the realities of our jobs. Thanks for being such and amazing teacher and diarist TeacherKen...

    •  I serve multiple pre-k, elementary (4+ / 0-)

      and middle school campuses; the layouts are all different, but I find myself consciously making mental notes about exits, hiding places, and (since I work in special education) whether I would be able to run carrying one or two kids who can't walk on their own... Really, this is crazy, and we need to make it stop.

      •  I teach high school, and (0+ / 0-)

        today my students (each class spontaneously) brought up the topic of the shootings. These normally "we're too cool for everything" teenagers were looking for reassurance from me that I had a plan and if anything happened I could keep them safe. While clearly I can't, I blustered my way through some halftruths about how safe we'd be in my chemical storage room to make them feel better.

        As more and more people start to discuss this tragedy (some in incredibly stupid ways) I just get angrier and angrier.The NRA is quite and politicians are talking big right NOW. Let's see what happens when Congress gets back into session, but I know I'm angry enough that I won't be quiet this time... no matter who I upset in the process. I will speak of what I know to be true as a teacher, and I will call out the gun nuts on their crap. Loudly and forcefully.

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