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  •  I am glad to not face this (0+ / 0-)

      I am a retired high-school science and math teacher (35 years). I always joked that I wanted to be better armed than the kids. After Columbine I told my students that we would do the best we could to avoid trouble, but in our school we were trapped like rats, so we would have to be prepared to fight. We had lots of weapons in my room: lab equipment, lumber, noxious chemicals and tools…enough for everyone. When the school had security drills, we passed out our weapons, set up our barricades and waited to kill whoever came through the door. I believe the kids felt safer. I even hid two machetes in the drop ceiling that the kids never knew about.
       For the last 4 years of my career I was in a classroom trailer while the main building was being refurbished. Now we had escape routes to go along with our weapons. Again, our drills made the kids feel they had some control over whatever crazy situations might come up. We did not talk about who might threaten us, we just got ready.
       It sounds like the teachers in Newtown were ready to protect their kids, and several paid with their lives. I hope I would be as brave.

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