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  •  Gun fetish, the new American animism (8+ / 0-)

    Some signs include imbuing inanimate objects with mystical power, treating them with reverence bordering on religious fervor, imagining and then defending against threats to them, and basing social rituals and cultural practices on these objects of adoration.

    Sure the phrase 'fetish' in this particular instance is is so offensive and disruptive as to be massively HR-worthy, but that is more a result of another phenomenon, Authoritarianism.
    The linked diary discusses the work of Altman and others in describing this personality type, and it fits with the NRAs most ardent supporters, and even their ideological allies here. It is easy enough to spot here; a bullying clique with aggressive responses to anyone who questions the received dogma they repeat comfortingly to themselves in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

    When even kossacks are intimidated and disrupted when trying to discuss the issue of easy availability of manslaughter devices, it is hard to image citizens and legislators managing much.  
    Combine a hard-core of fervent supporters prone to aggression, a massive industry funding professional propaganda from schools to blogs, an opportunistic political party keen to exploit fears to win votes and intimidate opponents, and a largely captured media and government, and you have the current situation.
    This is why, to answer the diarist.
    To change it will take something closer to a religious awakening than mere policy making.

    Note that this comment in other times or places would collect HRs for some imagined offense by some thin-skinned but HR-trigger-happy bullies who will distort the speech and the site rules to justify their attempts to silence viewpoints that cause them too much cognitive dissonance (see example above). If anyone feels the need to HR this comment, well, if the jackboot fits...

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