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  •  I think he is saying that gun safety should get as (11+ / 0-)

    much attention as road safety. Which it does not? We talk more about road safety and we train more and we regulate more. A gun tends to sit around doing nothing until either someone goes to the range to practice (which does not happen nearly enough) or picks it up to kill someone or something. Where as we tend to drive at least 5 days a week or more.

    Guns serve a purpose, to kill and wound. Target practice is just practice for wounding and killing things. People collect guns because they like to collect things that wound and kill. Oh and clean. Lots of polishing and cleaning. But to say that something exists for the sole purpose of cleaning is fairly pointless. You can do the same thing with silverware and be a lot safer. So we are back to killing and wounding.

    •  Hunting (5+ / 0-)

      I have relatives and friends who own guns for hunting, mainly shotguns for hunting pheasants and deer. Occasionally, they give me a venison chop or pheasant which I appreciate. I'm glad that hunters keep the deer population under control.

      I don't know of anyone who owns an assault rifle or one of those semi-automatic handguns with 15-round clips.

      Any gun can kill, and gun safety needs to be stressed for those who want guns for hunting. But there also needs to be restrictions or outright bans on the kinds of weapons that can produce mass casualties or everyday shootings on the streets in cities. That can and should be done within the context of the Second Amendment.

    •  There are people who collect inoperable guns (1+ / 0-)
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      For history, for esthetics, or whatever.

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