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  •  Just flew in from redstate (12+ / 0-)

    and boy, are my arms tired.

    Fat Jerry Nadler Enters The Gun Control Debate
    The pustulent Jerry Nadler, also known as “the alimentary canal of the Congress”, wasted no time announcing the intention of the Democrat party to make the Newton, (sic) Connecticut mass murders a political football.
    Here we go again. Nadler,proof positive FORKS are a lethal weapon. Jerry,if YOU and the REST of the liberals would not have mandated that the criminally insane could NOT be institutionalized for THEIR safety as much as the general public's, and if you and your ilk would spend as much time trying to get a handle on the KNOWN whackjobs running around as you do trying to disarm LAW ABIDING citizens,maybe some of these nutjobs would NOT be able to carry out their intentions.
    I thought Reagan did that?
    It is human filth like Nadler that have degraded our society to where these type of events will become more common. Kids raised on Ritalin and then fed anti-depressants while becoming desensitized to blowing humans apart in video games. Every kid should be required to blow the brains out of a bunny rabbit, skin it, pulls out its guts, cook it and eat it. Make them experience real killing and then they may have more respect for life.

    As for Nadler being a pig, it looks like he is on the banned list at Hometown Buffet right below Chris Christie.

    Dear Sir:

    We appreciate your interest in the advertised position for Parenting Class Instructor. However, we regret to inform you that your qualifications do not meet our present needs.


    Our nation once shared a God who we all prayed to. Increasingly, the loudest voices in the nation are hostile to that God and those who worship him. The conversation at times of evil is immediately drown out by political opportunists seeking to drive their agenda.
    Huckabee put you up to that one, didn't he?

    In the thread, a war ensues, not over guns, but over atheism vs. religion.

    And, perhaps inevitably:

    we rejected everything that was right about America. We rejected the God-fearing, hard working, family-oriented social mores of the older generation as being at best hopelessly anachronistic, and at worst outright oppressive.  We traded God for secularism.  We traded love for sex.  We traded sobriety for drugs.  We traded order for chaos.  We traded discipline for indulgence.  We traded modesty for promiscuity.  We traded parents for absentee fathers and baby mommas.  We traded children for abortions.  We traded moderation for excess.  We traded home life for careers.  We traded role models for celebrities. We traded solidarity for grievances.  We traded music for death rock and gangsta rap.  We traded wholesome entertainment for violent and pornographic movies, television, and videogames.  We traded a culture which had made us great for a self-indulgent counterculture designed to destroy.  We traded everything that was right and good and holy for everything that is wrong and evil and depraved.
    Oh, I see. We never should have rejected the Cleavers as a family model, and now we're paying for it. How far from that to Fred Phelps?

    And here they go, exploiting tragedy to advance their political agenda:

    We have taught two generations of Americans that the murder of a child is normal. If a woman is pregnant, and doesn’t want to be, then it is just fine to end that pregnancy, with no thought given to the life that is extinguished.  Roughly 3,400 hundred abortions occur in the United States each and every day, and very few of us give it a single thought.
    Yeah, we need to have a national conversation.

    But how do you have it with these people?

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