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  •  Are right wingers suffering from MPD? (5+ / 0-)

    A few things:

    I had an argument with another FB user who passionately argued that the 2nd Amendment protected his right to own Firearms of Mass Destruction. He feels he has every right to own weaponry equal to/surpassing the police and the military - reasoning the goverment cannot be trusted.  This man, on another day, was arguing that the police and the military were akin to super-heroes.  So... one day the cops and military are figures to be revered and worshipped, the next day they are tools of the govt. coming to take away his guns?

    Are right wingers afflicted with multiple personality disorder? Their positions on so many isssues are totally contradictory. Protecting fetuses is their number one priority BUT what about the trade off of accepting sensible gun regulation to save the lives of innocent kids?

    What doesn't the 2nd Amendment cover? Scalia claims it even protects the right to own hand carried rocket launchers. What about nukes? When nukes are portable, will the surivalist nuts be covered by the 2nd Amendment if they stockpile nukes?

    Other countries (such as Canada) do have the same level of gun ownership, but not the same level of gun violence. Canada is very similar to the US in so many ways. They play the same video games, see the same movies, have basically the same ethnic blends, and don't have school prayer. Rampage shootings (and gun related homicide) are quite rare.

    American culture is one of paranoia.How much of this violence stems from racism?  The one difference between us and Canada is that they don't have right wing media spewing hate 24/7/365. Half of Americans are completely bamboozled by right wing "commentators" like Rush, Glen Beck, etc. Add to that "Faux News" & we have a very big problem on our hands. Much more tricky than gun ownership bc of the 1st Amendment issues. That's the elephant in the room that no one wants to address. Their influence, IMHO, goes way beyond the destructive force of yelling fire in a theater.

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