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  •  Maybe the killer didn't have a clear (0+ / 0-)

    agenda.  But one cannot say that the killing was random.  It didn't happen at a country club or a boardroom, or a retirement home, or a mosque.  We may not know what exactly the killer was trying to prove, but we also will never really know what the 9-11 terrorists thought they could prove, or whether they had ever really thought much about the consequences of their killing.  Terrorism is about the production of terror -- it doesn't necessitate clearly defined political objectives.

    We can talk all we want about "personal responsibility" to keep guns locked up, but the evidence is in -- it doesn't work.  Guns kill, and the more guns there are, the more people get killed.

    Trying to split hairs about whether or not the latest mass murder qualifies as terrorism is nothing other than an NRA tactic to divert people's attention from the central issue: guns.  

    Likewise, all this bullshit about keeping guns locked up is just that, bullshit, and another NRA talking point.  

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