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  •  Mental health, the buzz words that will draw down (4+ / 0-)

    the venom of the horror of more deaths.  As soon as the brother said his brother had "mental health" issues the media immediately used that buffering "cause royal" to distract.  It seems to me that anyone now and in the past that commits this type of crime or any crime for that matter has a few issues in their mental health.  Fox and the right wing will focus on the "mental health" meme while running out and stockpiling guns and ammo to "protect themselves" against the "mentally unhealthy" that have been living next door to them ever since their Conservative Republican God Ronald Reagan was in office and decided the best treatments were to "mainstream" the mentally ill and close the psychiatric facilities.

    Anything to avoid accepting responsibility of the actions of their precious guns.  Guns that are more precious and deadly than their God.

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