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    It's entertainment -- a festival for liberals like the Roman circuses, where people came out to cheer for people's deaths.

    It's also ridiculously over-simplistic, but it;s a popular vibe here. You won't see a week go by without at least one Rec List diary ripping into the Post, the Times or NPR for being neo-conservative, corporatist. IT's not even that people write those lame-ass diaries -- ti's that their lapped up  by hungry dogs. Maybe, that's not even the best metaphor -- it's a bunch of liberal s getting together to congratulate themselves on how much cooler, superior and progressive they are then the supposed bastions of the liberal media. Plus, it serves to reinforce the meme that conservatives don't what they're talking about when they attack liberal bias in the media.

    It's a theme that gets repeated over and over again, but each time you get all these comments -- there were more than a few in this diary -- about how cool each of us are because we use that corporatist drivel to wrap fish in, not to find out what's happening in the world. Everyone trying to prove how cool and smart they are because they know the dirty secret that the Times and the Post aren't really liberal papers. It's oh so predictable and oh so tiresome.

    Coming Soon -- to an Internet connection near you:

    by FischFry on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 01:20:44 PM PST

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    •  Sorry, I don't see it that way. (1+ / 0-)
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      You're right that often the WaPo, NYT, NPR, etc. are among my primary sources of information.  But I think it is perfectly legitimate to gripe when their information is cherry-picked or the judgments they profess are slanted.  The comments here are often highly specific about pointing out the cherry-picking and the slanting.  

      You are also right about this being a community of somewhat like-minded people.  That's how politics works.  If you don't band together, you cannot oppose those who do. Tough.  

      As for the "we're smarter" meme, you may find it distasteful, but I think the dKos community has been rather smart when it comes to election statistics, global warming, the relation between taxes and economics, waging war in the Middle East, and a host of other issues.  

      As to the "entertainment," I'm not sure what you mean.  People on this site get HR'd very quickly if they appear to be cheering for other people's deaths.  

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