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View Diary: NRA's Twitter account goes silent after CT shooting, Facebook page taken down (300 comments)

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  •  Two thoughts.... (10+ / 0-)

    one:  As far as I am concerned, the NRA uses its "membership" being everyday people of all walks for cover for who really runs the show....gun manufacturers.  I'd like to see how much money comes from the members and how much comes form the manufacturers.  The gun manufacturers stand to make a shit load of money scaring the crap out of everyone that there are scary around every corner waiting to rob/rape/kill you.

    And two:  I have friends/family members and others who contend that gun ownership is the only thing keeping the government from tyrany.  HOwever, I would argue that while the rifles and pistols and shotguns owned can harrass the government, does anyone really believe that armed thus, they stand any chance against tanks, the new high tech weapons being deployed as well as a predator drone?  Its the people who keep america free, not the guns.

    •  I remember reading somewhere (1+ / 0-)
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      that Iraq under Saddam had basically no gun control and it was not illegal for ordinary citizens to have assault rifles in their homes.  Didn't slow the regime's oppression down one bit though.  That might be a good example if it could be verified.

      But I mean, please.  Do these people seriously believe, in their Red Dawn fantasies, that an oppressive regime is just going to leave you alone after you shoot the first guy who comes to arrest you?

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