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  •  Many in my family are teachers (7+ / 0-)

    Both of my parents were teachers (retired now about 7 years ago) but my dad was in charge of the various emergency plans including fire evac and responses if something in the chemistry lab was mixed improperly or on fire.

    I've seen him work on drills for tornadoes (one was within 500 feet of our school once) and what was basically a flowchart for the various chemicals. I cannot recall him ever working on a plan to protect the students from a shooter.

    Knowing my dad, there's no way that he wouldn't have had a plan for this since we always gave him grief over his plans and his backup plans but now I wonder if he never wanted to voice this plan out loud.

    bkamr, thank you for writing this. Reading it has kind of horrified me as I have my sister-in-law, 2 cousins, and an aunt who still teach and I'm trying to figure out if I want to talk about any of this next weekend when I see most of them.

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