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View Diary: NRA breaks silence on CT shooting--and proves that it doesn't get it (273 comments)

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  •  Right and my point is that the "National" (2+ / 0-)
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    kestrel9000, caul

    Rifle Association needs to step up to the plate now in a very big way.

    The truth is that the longer it takes for them to start to work with people who are afraid of guns and who are victims of gun violence, the more likely - if six-year olds continue to be victims - that the people of this country will really start to consider not just limitations and regulations on gun ownership, but also consider repealing the 2nd Amendment.  

    Look at how many of our rights have been gutted in the name of terrorist threats and largely because of public backlash and sentiment.  The NRA better get with the new program and adjust to this new landscape that the Newtown massacre has created.

    If the NRA really wants to protect this right, they better start to address the concerns that are emergent as a result of this tragic event.  They must start promoting safety nationally - not just amongst their ranks - and they must start to participate in efforts to find guns that have been illegally obtained - and visibly so - or they and the 2nd Amendment will be in danger.  If they don't want Attaturk to come knocking at their doors, then they need to actively seek to create a less chaotic and violent environment.

    All of my comments about the 2nd Amendment being at risk are not shared as a personal threat from me - these thoughts and comments are simply what I think is a pretty accurate read on how hard this tragedy has been on people - and how intensely they have reacted to it.  This nightmare has awoken a sleeping giant - a giant population of people who can't handle not feeling like they are protecting six-year olds - that is a powerful force - and, I believe, ultimately more powerful than the sentiment held by the most ardent gun owners.

    I say all of this to you kestrel because I think you understand the concept of passion not being exclusive to one group or another.  Withe the belief that you might start to talk to your fellow responsible gun owners about rational and sane policy - and tell them that I for one have no interest in wresting guns from their cold dead hands, but rather a strong desire to not allow a maniac or criminal to make a bunch of tiny children have cold dead hands that their parents can never hold again.


    •  Yeah (2+ / 0-)
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      inclusiveheart, KVoimakas

      prior to Sandy Hook, after the Oregon mall shooting, TomP said much the same thing.
      You are right; you get it.

      I say all of this to you kestrel because I think you understand the concept of passion not being exclusive to one group or another.
      I'm ACUTELY aware of that. This is why I'm saying not only must the NRA be denied a seat at the table in the discussion that needs to happen, but so must the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg.

      Extremists from EITHER side need not apply.

      rational and sane policy
      Job One is arriving at  a consensus as to what that means.

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