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  •  Just a bit more history, then (0+ / 0-)

    There were also resentful natives who had been ousted from their lands and sometimes felt inclined to try to take it back by force, and there was That Other Country Up North which had remained loyal to the "tyrannical oppressor" (George III wasn't any such thing - just a damfool with very bad advisors and very poor judgment in picking ministers). Oh yes, and That Other Country had beaten off our attempt to invade and conquer, and there was a not unjustifiable suspicion that they might want revenge.

    So yeah, there were reasons over and above mistrust of their own government why the 13 States might want "a well-regulated militia".

    If it's
    Not your body,
    Then it's
    Not your choice
    And it's
    None of your damn business!

    by TheOtherMaven on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 12:22:19 AM PST

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    •  "Over and above" is open to debate.... (1+ / 0-)
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      Who's to say which is prominent and which is not, but what we do know is that all facets of the trilateral nature of our government was forged by an axiom of checks and balances, with the clear and expressed intent being: the prevention of abuse of power by any despot ruler, and thus it is clear, i believe, to all fair minded individuals, that the right to bear arms was also primarily to ensure against government tyrrany.

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